Thursday, June 27, 2013

Going for a Read-Along

Remember these records?

A few years ago, I gave my parents the "okay" to pass on our old collection of these records to charity. The booklets were missing, and the record player needed a new (expensive) needle, but I still kind of regret getting rid of them. I loved listening to these records as a kid, and reading along in the books. The Rescuers was one of our favourites, even though it sent my cousin, my senior by four years, running back home to her house next door crying, furious with us for playing a story sad enough to make her cry. 
O found a read-along book and CD at Value Village the other day and has listened to it a few times every day. It's a nice change from hearing "Mommy, can we watch a show?" five times before
breakfast. I suppose it's still a passive activity, but I think that listening to a story, with or without a book, engages the mind much more than watching a show.

If you are looking for some good podcasts for your kids to listen to, the BBC has some fantastic podcasts for kids; all of them are listed here. My kids' favourites are:

Listen and Play (BBC Learning): Stories, songs, rhymes for kids aged three to five, usually updated once a week

Let's Move (BBC Learning): This podcast is great for getting your kids up and moving around, with dances and acting. 

Another good podcast is Storynory, which has a large collection of audio stories for kids. For older kids, Books Should Be Free has some classic stories recorded for your listening pleasure. If your library card gives you access to Tumblebooks, you can listen to a large selection of kids audio stories. This site also has animated stories, read-along stories in several languages, videos, and puzzles related to stories.

Happy listening!

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