Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Escape Artist Extrordinaire

My O is becoming very skilled at sneaking out of bed after bedtime without inciting a total meltdown on my part. Once the kids are finally tucked in bed, my list of chores and good intentions for accomplishing tasks without "little helpers" fades as I sink into the nearest chair, couch, or maybe even the floor for at least fifteen minutes as I fool myself with celebratory thoughts that "my shift is over". I usually indulge in a little culinary treat because I can eat it without having to hide in the closet, or pretend I'm sticking my head into the farthest reaches of the kitchen cupboard to find something, for fear of having to share. So, when I hear little feet padding down the stairs, I stifle my inner groan and remind myself how lucky I am, even though I am never actually off-duty. Sometimes, my nocturnal visitor reminds me himself with his impishly sweet grin and carefully crafted excuses for being out of bed.

Escape number one:

"Mommy, I remember that you said you miss me when I'm not with, here I am!"

Escape number two:

"Mommy, you are so beautiful, I just had to come and see you again.

Escape number three:

"Mommy, I just can't wait to see you tomorrow morning."

On the other end of the sleeping hours, T has been waking up at 5:30 for the past week and calling me from his crib.

"Mommy, where are you?"
"Mommy, come heeeeere!"
"Mommy, T have vitamins?" (I regret ever giving my kids sweet gummy vitamins. I hear this request from T an average of fifty billion times a day.)
"Mommy, T watch a show?"

He's going to have to take some lessons from his big brother and up his game to get me out of bed at that hour!

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