Friday, December 14, 2012

On such a day.

I have few words of my own on such a day.  My feelings of self-pity this morning for yet another dental abscess were put into perspective when I opened facebook and read the sudden rash of reactions to another school shooting in the United States.  While Canada certainly isn't immune to school shootings, the incidence of these shootings in America is astounding.  Astounding.  And the number of shooting deaths per capita in the USA in general is mind-boggling.

I just don't understand why it is so easy for average citizens to legally own firearms.  Other than law enforcement, I've only met three, perhaps four people in my life who own a firearm.  Two of them were antique hunting rifles that probably don't even work.  I don't think that is the case in the USA, and I'm not sure why Americans en masse aren't rising up for better gun control.  Another horrific attack on elementary schoolchildren happened today in China [link], the difference being that the attacker had a knife, not a two handguns with a third rifle in the car.  Zero fatalities in China, twenty-seven in Newtown, Connecticut.  This article [link]is worth a read about why now, even as the country grieves, is the time to get political about gun control.

Another article [link] that resonated with me today makes a note of the fact that Jesus himself was almost the victim of a horrific massacre of young children.  I can't help but asking that same question I alluded to in my last post in regards to when my husband had cancer: why?  Why did this happen?  To children?  And grown-up children?  There are no words, no answers that can satisfy.  But, the author of this article also clings to the same hope that we are not alone, and advent is a present reminder of this truth.  God has not abandoned us to our own evils.  On a day like today, sometimes hope is the only thing left.

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