Monday, November 26, 2012

Time to Play The Price is Right!

My church is having a craft sale this week to raise funds for the temporary shelter we run for part of the winter in conjunction with some other local churches.  I'm donating up these crocheted creatures, but I have no idea how to price them.  It's been ages since I've been to a craft fair, and when I do go, I'm usually looking for ideas and not at prices (vendors just love people like me!).  Any suggestions?  

Mouse Madge

Ferdie and Gerd


The jellyfish cousins


I'm also donating some of these egg ornaments too...


  1. Totally lovely, Andrea! I have no idea when it comes to prices - I'm sorry. But you've got some super cute creations in there and I love that you name them. One of my favourite things about the kids getting new stuffies is helping steer them in the direction of a name. An outlet for the babies I'll never have and get to choose names for. :) Noir is so sweet. And the eggs are gorgeous. I hope you get some good suggestions, as I simply don't know. But a lot of work went into these and it shows . . .

  2. I will buy Noir for $40, as long as you keep ten for yourself for supplies. Deal??

  3. Thanks, Ann! They all sold (amazing!) except for a few of the eggs. Apparently yellow is not a good colour for christmas eggs.


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