Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chandelier Reveal

Remember this lovely that I picked up on craigslist?

After lots of scrubbing, scratching, spraying, she now looks like this:

Isn't she pretty?

I still need to patch up some holes in the ceiling from the previous light fixture; I just photoshopped them out of the picture for now!  I don't think the chandelier had ever been washed prior to me acquiring it, so it took a bit of work to get it ready for spray painting.  The black tarnish was super thick in the crevices of the detailing, so I resorted to using a pin to scratch it out.  I went to the trouble of doing that because I was afraid that the detailing wouldn't show once it was all one colour.  I used Rustoleum gloss white spray paint with built-in primer.  It seemed to get used up more quickly than the separate primer and paint I used on the door knobs, but it's hard to know for sure since this was a larger surface and therefore more of it gets lost in the wind.  I also learned that spray painting outside during cottonwood season is not the best idea!

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