Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crafting Up a Storm

Sometimes, after the kids are finally tucked into bed, you just have to forget about the essential chores like vacuuming, laundry, and dishes, and do something fun.  The past week has seen three out of the four of us down for the count with a bad cold, so as soon as I felt like even staying up past the kids' bedtime myself, I whipped out my pencil, scissors, and ruler and got to work.  The inspiration piece, which I found on pinterest, and was originally featured on Two Girls Being Crafty, struck me for its simplicity and pleasing blend of randomness and order.  I used paint chip samples that I had collected during the recent renos (and, ahem, perhaps a few handfuls of paint samples since we finished painting) and some scrapbooking paper.  The frame and poster were an old Ikea print that we've had since we first got married: Jonathan Pike's Balconies on the Grand Canal.  It's quite a nice painting, but I stared at that nice painting every day above the couch when my husband went through cancer treatments and somehow I didn't feel like looking at it after that.  It's kind of strange the associations that the mind makes.  Tim Hortons' suffered a similar fate since we ate there more than once during that first week.  Well, that, and the ire it provokes in me about global warming and air pollution when I see twenty cars lined up at the drive-through every day.  Although I suppose I understand the whole drive-through idea now that I have kids.  But I digress...I thought about finding a new poster paper to fit inside the frame, but I ended up just flipping the poster around using the back of it.  The poster is thick enough that you can't see any hint of the other side.  It turned out well enough to get the living room worthy stamp of approval from my husband.  Hurrah!  O even helped me finish it today by sticking double-sided tape on the pieces that I had cut out, and insisting that I include the one blue piece that I was indecisive about.  

Earlier this week, before my children generously shared their cold virus with me, I also made these pictures for the main bathroom wall.  I chose three photos that I had taken: Cactus flowers in Osoyoos, a paintbrush flower in Manning Park, and cherry blossoms from the school yard from my elementary school, and mod podged them onto some dollar-store canvases.  On the sides of the canvas frames, I mod podged some grey scrapbooking paper with black writing, and then dry-brushed a bit of black acrylic paint along the edges where the photo and the paper meet to blend them together.  It was pretty easy and inexpensive too.  Costco has some great prices on enlargements, and the canvases were about three dollars each.  Since I had the paint, paper, and mod-podge already, the three finished pieces cost about fifteen dollars altogether.  It cost more than the living room piece above, but much cheaper than real gallery-wrapped canvas pictures!

Gathering the supplies quickly before baby wakes up!

The mod-podge goes on white but dries clear.

O has been enjoying "craft time" with me lately as T has finally decided to take some longer naps during the day.  This week we made a hot air balloon out of an old lightbulb, a bottle cap, buttons, paper, and twine, to use tie onto the chain on his ceiling fan.

My next project will be refinishing my new (to me) crystal chandelier.  I had been perusing (aka stalking) craigslist for months, looking for a replacement light fixture for over my kitchen table.  The house came with this one:
It sort of reminded me of a circus tent, especially with the multi-coloured curtains in the kitchen, and the red walls.  It's a lovely fixture, just not really my style.  I managed to sell this one last week for $40 on craigslist, and picked up this chandy for $50:

I took off the shades and the crystals, and spent my non-coughing fit moments today cleaning the brass.  My plan is to spray paint it white, rehang the crystals, and probably leave the shades off.  Who knows, maybe I can sell them on craigslist and come out even?!

Well, off to bed to beat this cold that's taken over our household.  And I would wipe their little noses all over again even though I know it's probably why I'm wiping my own now.
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