Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Thrift Report

Has anyone else noticed the recent improvement to craigslist?  Bigger photos means it's easier to see all the photos of free stuff.  Not that I am a free section stalker or anything...although I know I'm not the only one because items are usually gone a few seconds after they are listed.  I tried unsuccessfully to nab a chandelier with great bones for some refinishing magic.  Oh well.  Here are some things I picked up on my thrift store jaunts as of late.  Thrifty is almost as fun as free, and it's more fun when you share about your good finds, am I right?

A charming little pair of brass swans.  My plan is to give them a coat of spray paint since I'm not a big fan of brass.  Perhaps silver or glossy white.  I just like the way they almost make a heart when they are beak to beak.  Aw. ($2 for the pair) 
I thought this might look cute somewhere in O's new bedroom - on the wall or on a bookshelf.  The lighting is poor but it's kind of a copper colour. (99 cents)

I think this is intended to be a tablecloth, but I have plans for it as a blanket in one of the boys' rooms.  It's kind of a little map of Germany with the names of different cities and landmarks on it.  ($4.99?)

A big reindeer.  Because I don't already have enough Christmas stuff (hear the sarcasm and mild self-loathing).  Perhaps this one would benefit from a colour change as well? ($3.99)

Clear ball-like buttons for ... well, I guess I'll find some use for them.
And a pretty light switch cover plate.  We picked up a big lot of white switches and power receptacles and cover plates for both on craigslist for a steal to replace the ones in our townhouse.  They were various shades of beige, most with several different colours of paint sloshed on them.  Is it really that difficult to take cover plates off before painting, people?  Oh well, it gave me an excuse to switch to white which looks much better anyways.  They are all plain, flat, white plastic now, but I couldn't resist this cute one.  ($1 for each)

Again, excuse the poor lighting.  This tablecloth was only $3 and it's all hand embroidered linen.  

A puzzle to do in my spare time.  Maybe five years from now?    Quebec City is one of my favourite places, so perhaps that's what inspired me to buy a PUZZLE.  ($1.99)

And another knick-knack.  I bought this one before the swans because it's tiny and kind of cute, and will make for a good spray painting practice piece.  I'm planning on attempting to spray paint the sassy brass doorknobs and closet knobs throughout our townhouse.  I'll try it on one first to see how it goes.  Stay tuned!
In other news, baby T took his first steps this week!  He also started climbing onto furniture, onto the mantle of the fireplace, and saying "Daddy" and "more".  Life is about to get busier!
O surprised me this week too by writing his name on a drawing he did.  He's known his letters for at least a year now, but I've never taught him to print any letters himself.  I looked at his drawing when he was finished, and couldn't believe it when I saw his name at the bottom.  I asked him how he knew how to do it, and he told me that he just looked on the bottom of the train with his name on it (all the Thomas the Tank engine trains have the names on the bottom, and O shares a name with one of the characters) and copied it onto his paper!  The last couple of letters were backwards, but still!  Today, while we were out for a walk, we were talking about favourites (colours, numbers, etc.) and I asked O what his favourite shape was.  He thought about it a bit, and then said "Your shadow on the ground when you are walking behind the stroller, pushing T and me".  Sweetest moment of the day.

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  1. Wow - very sweet comment from O. Some folks just have charm from the get-go. I guess he falls into that fortunate group :).


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