Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Year, Baby!

My baby is going to be a year old tomorrow!  At the risk of becoming monotonous in my blogging themes, how does time pass so quickly?  Children are such a gift.  What a gift...and what a responsibility! Sometimes, I feel badly for my oldest for being the guinea pig of my parenting adventures.  On a walk last week, I pointed out a statue of Terry Fox to him.  Terry Fox, with whom those of you abroad may not be familiar, is a late Canadian hero.  After he lost his leg to cancer as a young man, he embarked on a cross-country run to raise money for cancer research.  He lost his life to cancer, but he truly left behind a legacy of hope that one day we can find a cure for that disease.  I think the Terry Fox Run happens annually even in countries across the world now.  Anyhow, seeing that my husband battled that same disease, I thought perhaps this might be an interesting statue to point out to O, although I knew better than to make any connection between his daddy and someone who died from the same disease.  Apparently 3 1/2 years old is a little young to understand these things.  He thought that Terry Fox was inside the statue, and that we could rescue him from the disease, and was quite upset that I told him we couldn't rescue him.  By the time we had walked back to the car, he was quite shaken with the idea of people dying, and so I told him that he didn't need to worry about it; people usually only die when they get really, really old.  Then, he wanted me to promise him that I would never get really old, and that he didn't ever want me to go to heaven.  There were tears, and lot of hugs, and fumbling on my part to come up with the right things to say to calm his fears.  Sometimes, parenting is hard.  Hopefully, I will be better prepared for the conversation when T gets to that age!
Our moving date has been set for this Saturday!  It is hard to believe that we will finally be living in our new home by this time next week!  My parents have been working like champions to fix up our old townhouse into a beautiful place to live.  I kind of don't want to move all our junk in there and mess it up...it looks so perfect right now!  We downsized a lot of junk as we were packing up our old house, but I'm sure we will have to do some more paring down as we unpack everything and realize how limited our storage space will be.  First on the chopping block: toys, books, and craft supplies.  Maybe.  It's easier said than done for a stuff-saver (I prefer that to "pack-rat.)  Wish me luck.
I've been meaning to do a recipe collection post with photos and recipes but it just hasn't happened with all the moving preparation and innocence-crushing conversations with my three year old.  I do, however, have a recipe board on Pinterest of recipes that I have tried and liked.  If you are looking for some new recipes in your rotation, check it out.  And yes, I did pin some of my own recipes from here onto my board.  I could never remember when I posted them on here when I was looking for them, so I pinned them even though I think that such shameless self promotion is haughtily looked down upon in the Pinterest world.  Oh well.

Andrea's Recipe Board!


  1. Fun link - I'll have to check out your recipes as cooking still isn't a favourite activity of mine and I like finding inspiration to get me through another week in the kitchen :). Sounds like your new place will be lovely thanks to all the hard work. I hope moving in goes well and is a good process (since it is - takes much longer than we'd like it to!). Happy Birthday, T!

  2. Hey Andrea! Sorry I haven't been by to read in awhile, I've been terrible lately =S about reading my list of favorite blogs!! Congrats on baby T turning one!! Sweet! And your amigurumi looks awesome! So cute! xo


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