Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tales from Reno-Land

I had hoped to write another post in February, hence the "So Far" in the title of the last post.  However, renovations have taken up the bulk of our free time since we took possession of our new home, and my mind seems to be muddled when I try to retract my thoughts to anything but paint colours, flooring choices, and light fixtures.  We are so thankful for the people who have generously given up their free time to help us fix up our townhouse.  With two small children, and hubby working full time at a new job, and going to school, it probably would have taken us about two years to accomplish all of the painting, fixing, and organizing that have happened over the past two weeks.  I jest not.
We decided on a grey theme for our walls, a decision which started to take on monumental proportions in my mind after looking at hundreds of paint swatches.  I had to give myself a reality check and remind myself that decor is just decor at the end of the day.  It should be fun, right?
Most of the house is painted in ICI "Barley Beige," a warm grey that looks different in different lighting.  The master bedroom is a darker shade of the same colour, but the room gets so much light that it doesn't close up the room too much.  We are still working on the bathrooms to find the right colour.  The problem is the pink countertops, an homage to the 1988 vintage of the home.  The dusty rose glare seems to turn the walls a bit...bruised looking, as in purplish.  I bought a gallon of a different grey that has some green undertones which I hope will counteract the pink.  We shall see.
Barley Beige


I also have plans to resurrect the wallpaper accent wall fad in the downstairs powder room to draw attention away from the pink countertop.  Perhaps something black & white to tie it in with the grey walls, but I also kind of fell in love with this photographic wallpaper mural from National Geographic of apple blossoms.  Why not just embrace the pink?  And why stop at one wall - would it not be amazing to walk into a blooming tree every time you go to the washroom?  I know the design gurus would probably highly disapprove, but I kind of love it.

Love this one, but it's a wee bit out of my price range.

Birds to keep you company.

This one is really neat - it has little drawings of houses, and the windows glow in the dark when you turn the lights off!

Our flooring will be installed in a few weeks, and then we can finally move in.  We decided on a medium-dark toned wood colour for most of the house, and carpet for the stairs and the rec room.  Instead of laminate, we opted for vinyl plank flooring.  I had never heard of it before we started shopping around for flooring, but I had seen it without realizing what it was.  You probably have as well if you ever shop at Safeway that has had recent-ish flooring renovations in the produce section.  It is supposed to be much more durable and water-resistant than laminate, which is a bonus when you have young kids.  ell, seeing as we are going to lose an hour of sleep tonight, I shall spare you further details from reno-land until another post!

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