Saturday, March 24, 2012

All Beautiful, the March of Days...

Earlier this week, the calendar announced the first day of Spring, but today [actually yesterday because I didn't end up finishing this up yesterday] was glorious.  It still feels unseasonably cold, but the expanse of blue above me, and the cherry blossoms just beginning to awaken more than compensate for the chill.  I enjoyed a walk to the park with my boys in the morning, and another walk with the addition of my hubby in the afternoon.

We walked slowly, as I had decided to make a concerted effort to not to hurry O along.  Sometimes hurrying is necessary, often because of poor planning, but often because of unforeseen complications: a missing shoe, a diaper blowout, an owie.  Sometimes, though, I find myself hurrying O along for no good reason.  It is days like today that I realize what I'm missing when I do that.  We played make-believe games on our walk, he asked me a million questions, and I paid attention to all the little things he noticed on our walk.  He has what I refer to as the "collecting gene" which is totally attributable to me.  He stopped to stuff his pockets full of rocks, pine cones, and anything else interesting for "my collection."  Luckily he hasn't caught on that I empty his pockets out after our walks.  I had several collections when I was little: rocks, coins, stamps, pencils, erasers, you get the picture.  It's a good thing my husband is a minimalist, or else our house would be even more full of stuff.  It was pretty fun to watch O playing with T at the park too.

Little hands finally un-mittened and exploring the world. 
Our afternoon walk along the beach.  The smell of the ocean was so refreshing.

Did you know that a group of crows is called a "murder"?
Kind of creepy, but even the crows were beautiful yesterday.
Today [really talking about today now] was just as beautiful, but warm!  Spring is finally here!

After taking a zillion photos in the last few days, I started paring down some near-duplicate photos in my iPhoto library.  While doing so, I came across a few photos that I had meant to post before and forgot.  Here they are for the enjoyment of the crafty among us:

This is a photo of O and his buddy doll that we gave him for Christmas.  I had bough O these fleece plaid pyjamas quite a while before he even fit into them at my favourite thrift store for $1.  They were missing one button, and I never could seem to find the time to search through my button jar, find four matching buttons, and replace them.  Lo and behold, I then found the exact same panama top at the thrift store another day for fifty cents.  Thinking that I couldn't even buy new buttons for fifty cents, I bought the extra pajama top and planned to just donate the missing-button top back.  Then I felt kind of guilty about passing the button problem onto someone else, so I came up with the idea of making some matching pyjamas for the doll for Christmas.  That is the long version about how I ended up sewing doll pyjamas at midnight on Christmas Eve.

This is O's other handmade present from me: an apron with embroidered pockets.  The lobster fabric has been sitting in my fabric stash since grade eight home ec class in which we sewed boxer shorts for ourselves.  Boxer shorts under the uniform kilt was really big that year, and served a practical purpose on windy days.  O requested the mermaid king and princess and octopus.  The embroidery patterns were from this book:
Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection: 400+ Easy Embroidery Designs

For the next bit o'random: my gingerbread Christmas tree.  I made the cookies with a set of nesting star cookie cutters that I found at superstore a couple of years ago, and managed to not eat all of the cookie tree before the Christmas party started.  I may have eaten more than my fair share at the party, however.  Yes, I definitely did, as I now recall.

It tasted better than it looked.
Remember my post eons ago when I talked about opening my own easy shop to sell my crochet patterns? Nope, I still haven't gotten around to that, but here are a couple more creations.  Hopefully I wrote down the patterns as I went along, and, if so, hopefully I can find the patterns once we move and unpack!

Robot Roscoe.  Square shapes in amigurumi are hard to figure out.  

And for the last bit of my random photo collection is this, which I snapped at a trip to the aquarium.  It was the first time that I've the breastfeeding symbol in a public place.  It was right in front of the beluga tank, with a comfy chair and a curtain that could be pulled across to create a private area for those who want more privacy or for easily distracted babies.  Neat-o.  


  1. Love your creativity Andrea, combined with frugality! Btw, I spotted the Nature Clean Treehouse bottle in the pic - we use it too!

  2. It's definitely impressive all that you can make. Did you make his buddy doll, too? The mermaid pockets reminded me of seeing a teenager at the pool today who had on a bikini suit, then got to the waters edge, put on a mermaid bottom and slipped into the water to swim with it for the hour. It was full-on impressive. I had no idea those were made somewhere. Maybe it can be my incentive to Abby that if she becomes a good swimmer, one day we'll find her one (as she was pretty intrigued!). The weather looks lovely! Ours has cooled to 3 C today, but Izzy still managed to find some dandelions somewhere. No blossoms otherwise . . .

  3. Thanks!
    O loves the backyardigans so the nature clean stuff was a hit with him. I like the smell of it too, but I'm still partial to the smell of Burt's Bees baby shampoo because it reminds me of bathing my little newborns. Sigh.
    I didn't make the doll - it's an Ikea product. I like the Ikea soft toys because they don't use any fire retardant chemicals in their toys as far as I know, and I think they have pretty good standards as far as child labour and fair working practices go.
    I had no idea that mermaid suits existed either! That is so wild!


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