Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Lone February Post...So Far

Less than one week until we take possession of our townhouse.  Excitement!  Overwhelmement!  Yes, I know that is not a word, but it gives you a glimpse of my state of mind.  I'm looking forward to moving into our new place after our renovations are done, but also a little anxious about the next stage of transition.  I'm wondering how our boys will adjust to just having me during the day - no extra grown-ups to give attention and patience.  To be honest, I'm a little nervous about how I'll handle two kids on my own during the day!  Little T has been battling pneumonia for the past week and a half, and I'm so glad that I had extra help during the day from my parents.

We are planning on some major interior repainting, and probably replacing the floors.  Here are our top picks for flooring, pending calculations of pending tax returns (fingers crossed) to see if we can actually afford our top picks:

"Mozart Maple"
We like this dark laminate for the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and hallways.  The carpet is for the two kids' rooms, basement and stairs.

We're still deciding on paint colours depending on what flooring we end up choosing.  One thing is for certain: it's definitely going to require some heavy duty primer to cover over the last owner's palette.  We'll start by painting the ceilings since there is wall paint splashed on the ceiling in most rooms.

A peek into the two kid rooms from the hallway.

Part of the living room, looking into the kitchen eating area .

Disclaimer on the last photo: not our artwork on the walls, obviously.  These paintings were pretty tasteful compared to some of the things we saw when we were perusing other houses.  I know everybody has different tastes, but why wouldn't one stow away, at least temporarily, the raunchy posters on the wall?  Also in the photo above, O and my husband actually do have heads, I just blurred them out.  To other bloggers out there, how do you decide how much personal information to share on a blog?  I'm struggling a bit to find a balance between being prudent about online privacy and being paranoid.  I also struggle a bit with knowing what is mine to share.  Do I have the right to share cute anecdotes about my kids that might embarrass them later on in life?  You would think that you could delete things later on, but the internet is written in pen, my friends.

My three year old is doing a lot of spiritual pontificating these days.  He wanted me to play something with him at the kitchen table the other day, but I explained to him that I needed to look after T at the moment.  T was toddling around the kitchen chairs, and in those days when the pneumonia was at its worst, I just couldn't take any more crying, hence the need to prevent him from falling and hitting his head  on the floor.  O said to me: "Don't worry, Mommy.  Jesus and God will look after T."  Yesterday, I popped into the room where O was watching Backyardigans while I was trying to get T down for a nap.  He whipped off the couch for an impromptu mini-dance party with me and said "Mommy, are you going to watch this show with Jesus and God and me?"  Then today, after playing hide-and-seek and chase-me games, he asked me to chase him again, to which I said no, because I didn't have as much energy as a three-year old.  "Don't worry, Mommy.  I asked Jesus and God to give you energy like a three-years-old so you can chase me!"  Oh, to have the faith of a child.  It's hard to argue with the God-card though when it comes to playing chase-me games.  And I suppose I will be thankful if he's still watching TV with Jesus when he's a teenager!


  1. Oh that's so wonderful about your oldest!!

    Okay, wanted to warn you about the floors. Dark laminate is really beautiful (we have dark walnut and it's gorgeous). HOWEVER, you do know that every single crumb shows up really well on dark floors? And that try as you might, your floor NEVER looks absolutely clean b/c there's always something like a crumb, hair, or other random toddler junk showing up? I'm not trying to be a downer. I knew this about dark floors when I got them, still got them anyway and boy is it a lot of work. I won't do it again...especially with kids. Again, not trying to be negative, just being real with my feelings after spending the last 4 1/2 years with dark floors that I love but are never clean.

  2. I've heard this about dark floors. Arg, why can't we have beautiful things that stay magically clean?! Did you have hard floors before this or carpet? We had laminate at our old house, but not that dark. I'm trying to figure out if it's just compared to carpet that the dirt shows up, or compared to lighter laminate. Hmmm. I appreciate the info though - it's always good to hear reviews from real people rather than look at internet reviews that may or may not be legit!

  3. Hey Andrea, I just saw your comment on my blog. It's true- you can see everything on dark laminate. In our previous house our laminate was a mid tone color and it hid a lot of dust and crumbs. The dark laminate we have now does show everything-- I don't regret it because I love the way it looks! And one of my biggest pet peeves in life is dirty floors-- so I kind of like being able to see that they're dirty so I can clean them up. But that's just me :)

  4. I love dark laminate and it's what I did with my bedroom. I'd like to get rid of the carpet in my living room actually.

    I used to share more than I do now on my blog. I never post things like my last name etc, but I do share the occassional photo. I don't post about people that I know don't want to be mentioned. Mostly though I just blog about my sponsered children now (which I have told them I do)It is hard to decide some times. If it's something I'm not sure about, I usually don't post it.


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