Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goodbye, Little Blue House

Today at noon, our little blue house was no longer our little blue house.  It's rather strange to imagine that we'll never be in that house again, and that different people are calling that house "home."  A building is just an object, but it kind of becomes more than that when you live in it: when you share meals with friends and family, have barbecues in the backyard, bring your babies home from the hospital, and spend countless precious and ordinary moments.  I won't miss the building itself as much as I will miss the memories that it holds.  I suppose I'm a little sentimental because I know that there are memories that will simply slip away because I don't have the physical surroundings to trigger those memories anymore.  It's been interesting living in the house where I spent my childhood for the past five months.  There are things that I had forgotten that I had done as a child until I saw my own children doing the same things here.  O loves to hide in the same cupboards for hide-n-seek that I did as a kid, and looks out the same window to see Grandma J walking back down to her house from my parents' house.  He slides down the stairs like I did, and yells down the air register to call my sister for supper just like I did, a lifetime ago.  

Change is often bittersweet, and the trick is figuring out how to just hold on to the sweet.  So goodbye, little blue house.  

In less than a couple of months, we should be living in our townhouse, making some new memories!  Here are a couple snapshots of the new decor I've been collecting for O's big boy "explorer" room,

My thrift store globe, boats, and copper double decker bus. 
Close-up of the bus.  It'll have to be just for decoration since it's actually a pencil sharpener with a hole just the right size for O's finger.

Found this at the thrift store last week - O was so excited about the "pirate ship captain boat wheel"

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