Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday today.  Supposedly, the third Monday of January is the most depressing day of the year.  If this is the saddest day of the year, this year is looking pretty respectable, if not too eager to sneak by me.  I blinked and the first half of January is already over.  My new year's resolutions are already looking a little neglected.  But every new day is another chance to resolve again.  My resolutions this year were pretty simple (in theory) and few.  One, to take calcium supplements every day.  I think I remembered once so far at a time when I could actually go take them.  If only I could keep routines, perhaps I would remember more effectively, and never lose my keys again either.  Two, to read my Bible more consistently.  Three, to make new friends but keep the old.  "One is silver, the other gold."  Did anyone else sing that song in rounds at pioneer clubs in childhood?  I'm starting to make some new friends in our new church, and for that I'm thankful.  Here are some other things that I'm thankful for today:

O and a seagull that visited our balcony on our vacation to the Island.
Was that only two weeks ago?
  • Hot showers.  
  • Chocolate.  Current favourite: After Eight.  My dear husband picked some up in the post-Christmas markdowns, and they are dairy-free! Edit: not dairy free anymore =(
  • A sweet husband who works hard and lets me stay home to play lego with my three year old, and chase after my busy baby.
  • Snow outside that covers the trees like icing, and waking up to the muffled silence of a neighbourhood covered in snow.
  • My boys.  My family, all living close by me now.  
Baby T is acting less like a baby every day lately.  He's crawling, starting to climb stairs, and pulling himself up to a standing position in the past few days.  Maybe that's why he's still less than sixteen pounds at almost nine months.  The only time he's not moving during the day is (if) when he sleeps, or if somebody snuggles him in front of a screen playing Baby Einstein.  He still is only marginally interested in solid food, which might also account for his slight size.  He's starting to look a little bit like his big brother, but still very much his own little person.

Another thing to be thankful for: we have a new home!  We bought a townhouse and get possession at the end of February.  We likely will not actually move in until mid-March as there is a lot of painting and cleaning to be done.  It's an older townhouse, but it has good bones and a good neighbourhood.  I'll be able to walk to the library, two elementary schools, one of which has a strong start program and the other a French immersion program should we choose that route, some shopping, the ice rink, and my Aunt's house.  In the meantime, we need to clear out of our house by January 31st, so the pressure is on to pack all of our junk and put it into storage for a couple of months!  Hopefully this blast of winter weather lets up soon enough to let us drive back and forth for packing and moving!  

And a funny story to end this post.  On our recent trip to the Island, we stopped at a spit of land that went way out into the ocean.  It was extremely windy and cold, but we all piled out of the car momentarily to stretch our legs and catch the view.  As we were buckling the kids back into the van, a couple pulled up right beside us and started throwing birdseed out of their windows.  A flock of seagulls worthy of a starring role in Alfred Hitchcock's Bird movies swarmed the space between the passenger side of our van and the driver's side of theirs.  There was poop and feathers flying, and I turned back from my attempt to get from the driver side of our van, where I was putting T back into his seat, to my seat on the passenger side.  I managed to shout through the wind to hubby to meet me on the other side of the spit and pick me up.  So I ran through the elements and he drove over and picked me up.  It was rather hilarious - by that time, the couple had gotten out of their vehicle and were holding up fistfuls of birdseed in their hands for the gulls to eat.  To each their own in their pursuit of connecting with nature, I suppose!  They were giggling like kids and having the greatest time.  I was happier to be close to the rainbow, myself, and I can thank the bird lovers for the exhilarating run through the park in the rain and wind.  I just might have been giggling too.

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  1. Wonderful news about the house! Sounds like a great neighbourhood to be in and I'm sure painting will help make it into a nice home for you guys. So happy that things have worked out so well . . .


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