Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

One week from today will be Christmas day.  I keep thinking that this cannot be right; it does not yet feel like Christmas.  Perhaps because the weather has been so mild, or because we are living at my parents' house and thus have not pulled out our own Christmas tree and decorations to decorate our home. It's a strange thing to feel so at home in my childhood home, my parents' home, and yet be a bit homesick for our old community. Perhaps my surprise that Christmas is upon us because I seem to be doing less Christmas shopping every year. I started and finished my Christmas shopping for nieces and nephews during a recent grocery shopping trip (thank you, Superstore), and have been picking up little things for O over the past couple of months. T is too young to really understand presents, and therefore have any expectation of gifts, so I'm only attempting to make him one toy before Christmas.  Amongst the adults on both sides of our families, we buy charity gifts.  I like to make a small token gift like a tree ornament to go along with the charity gift to make it more fun, and to remind us in later years about the gifts.  We'll see if I actually get that accomplished in the next week!
I'm so thankful that we do the charity gift giving, even though I was kind of resistant to the idea at first years ago when we first started this tradition.  My emotions caught me off-guard the first year we did this when I realized all the good our collective money was going to do for people who really needed it, rather than the annual exchange of gift cards and coffee mugs and ties and red sweaters.  Lots of red sweaters.  It's also a lot less stressful than trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.
As I reflect on the sentiment of it not feeling like Christmas, I realize that this might not be such a bad thing after all.  The sentiments of Christmas build from year to year, as more memories become wrapped around the nostalgic recollections of childhood Christmases, a time when Christmas seemed like the most magical time.  I love Christmas carols, and Christmas cards, making gingerbread men and Christmas crafts.  I love remembering Christmas gatherings of years passed, and looking forward to seeing family and friends over the holidays.  I love it to feel like Christmas, but, as it doesn't yet this year, it gives me at least a chance to reflect on what Christmas truly is to me:

The seed of hope; God in the flesh.  

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  1. I hear ya.

    It's hard to find the perfect gift for people, especially when people just buy themselves what they need anyway. Or alternatively, when we have no more room for gifts at our house! Also, there's so much that's caught up in the rush to buy everything before Christmas that we lose the whole anticipation that we need to have at Christmas...the anticipation of his birth, our emptiness without's hard to experience when you're busy running around the mall and trying to find a parking space.


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