Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Resting, Pining and Pinning

Hmmm...I'm pretty sure I posted this before, but it seems to have disappeared from my blog.  So here it is again from the archives...

You've got to be kidding me, blogger.  I drafted a post yesterday, much of it typed with one hand while nursing or holding my baby in the other, and today the draft is gone.  Arg.

Our house is officially on the market now.  I hope, as does everyone who embarks upon this house-selling adventure, that our wee abode sells quickly and for a decent price.  Keeping the house tidy and clean is a meaty task while caring for two little people.  It's kind of like shoveling the driveway during a blizzard.  Luckily, I left my clean house behind for eleven days while my husband is out of town, and staying with my parents at their beach house.  I miss my husband, but I'm enjoying this time with my parents while I'm pining away for him.  I'm pretty fortunate to have sweet enough parents that I look forward to spending eleven days with them, and that they are happy to take us in anytime.  We've been soaking up every bit of this first taste of summer weather of the year.  We go for walks, play in the backyard, and of course, spend time at the beach.  O. is at a great age for the beach; he's old enough not to eat sand and rocks anymore (purposely - there may be some incidental ingestion), and young enough to be enthralled with the beach.  We collect shells and rocks and ocean glass, and look for baby crabs under the rocks.  One of the neat things about having kids is discovering the world again through their eyes; awakening that childlike part of yourself that is okay with collecting sea shells for an hour, or watching an ant crawl across a log, carrying a giant leaf.
Photo by me!  Zoom up on the ant carrying the leaf.  It was pretty neat.

Children don't worry about whether they are being productive enough with their time.  It's refreshing.  Can I just admit while I'm at it that I really like playing lego with O.?  I've been scooping up lego when I see it at thrift stores since I was pregnant with O., and finally pulled it out of the closet a couple of weeks ago.  It's fun.  I saw a Spirograph set at a thrift store a couple of days ago but unfortunately somebody beat me to it.  I loved playing with my grandma's spirograph set when I was little.  I might even splurge and buy it brand new if I can't find a vintage one at a thrift store sometime soon.
Remember this post where I mentioned the neat-o site Pinterest?  If you haven't discovered Pinterest yet, and you enjoy dilly dallying on the internet (which you probably do if you are reading this blog!), you are in for a treat!  It's a virtual visual collection of bulletin boards, onto which you can "pin" ideas that you find around the internet or on other people's boards.  It's perfect for those middle of the night nursing times when you are surfing the web on your ipod, trying to stay awake!  Here are a few of the fun ideas that I've found so far:

How fun would it be to have a slide beside your staircase?  Kind of practical too...

Spirograph-inspired embroidery!

How to spray paint a lamp base

neat idea for places that you've lived.


Cute idea - you could change up the quotes whenever you want

who would have thought painting a piano could be this fantastic?
 Happy Pinning!

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