Friday, June 24, 2011


So, it's official.  We're moving!

My hubby accepted an associate pastor position at a church in the city where I grew up.  He starts on September 1st, so we plan on moving sometime in August.  It's a strange thing to have such conflicting emotions about a single event.

On the one hand...

I'm thrilled to be moving closer to my family.  If we're able to find a place to live in the area close to the church, we'll be living very close to both sets of parents, my two sisters and hubby's two brothers and their respective families, both of my grandmothers, and even most of our extended family.  I grew up next door to my grandparents and cousins, and I'm excited that my kids will be able to see our families more often than we have in the past few years.  I'm excited for new opportunities: a new church, new people to meet, new places and activities to discover, and a new (new to us) home to make our own.

On the other hand...

My heart is heavy when I think about all we will be missing here, where we have built our lives for the past five years.  I think of the friends who have become like family to us and it literally hurts inside when I think about moving away.


We're only moving 85 kilometers away.  It's not as if we're moving to the other side of the country or the world; it's just an hour to hour and a half drive away.  And the world is a different place since the last time we moved.  I know many would beg to differ, but I think the inception of facebook will make it easier to keep up with friends when we don't see each other every week anymore.  Blogs, email, and the ol' telephone will help too, right?  I hope.


This is the most difficult decision we've made in our married lives together, and we will miss being part of this community in the way we have been for the past five years.  I hesitate to say that we made the "right" decision, because I don't think it was a matter of a right or wrong choice.  I don't know if either decision - to stay or leave, would be without uncertainties.  But we've wrestled with the decision, prayed about it, talked about it, and it feels right.  So I have to trust in God's goodness, let go of uncertainties, and hang on to the good that remains.

Monday, June 20, 2011


“Change of one sort or another is the essence of life, so there will always be the loneliness and insecurity that come with change.  When we refuse to accept that loneliness and insecurity are part of life, when we refuse to accept that they are the price of change, we close the door on many possibilities for ourselves; our lives become lessened, we are less than fully human.”

~Jean Vanier
from: Becoming Human


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some good links for those who don't like cancer (and who does?):

B.C. contemplates a province-wide ban on the use of tanning beds for people under 18 years of age:
In September last year, the New England Journal of Medicine wrote: "We believe that regulation of this industry may offer one of the most profound cancer-prevention opportunities of our time."

Is a province-wide ban on cosmetic pesticides & herbicides in our future?  I hope so!
"Why should those who can’t be bothered to weed by hand endanger others by building up a toxic environment?"

And this is a good video, in the words of my cousin-in-law, for anybody who has skin, or knows somebody who does.  Grab a hanky before you watch it.  But watch it.

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