Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A collection of random bits post

37.5 weeks!  On Friday, it will be just two weeks until my due date.  I know there's a decent chance that I could go "overdue" but it's so exciting to think that we will meet this little baby soon.  I think we finally have a girl's name picked out, but I'm feeling more and more like this will be a boy.  We're still finalizing the potential girl's middle name, but at least the first name is decided upon.  I think.

I'm feeling surprisingly well compared to my pregnancy with my son at this stage.  I have a fantastic chiropractor who specializes in maternity and pediatric care, and I think it's making a big difference this time around in my back and hips.  The heartburn is the only thing really bothering me now.  I had a moment at the drugstore today when I felt like opening all the bottles of Tums and just chomping them down.  Oh well, what can you expect when your stomach has been squished to the size of a walnut.  I'm starting to feel like a bit of a beached whale, except that I'm perched on our couch instead of a sandy tropical beach.  Don't tell anybody, but I don't even mind the unseasonably cold and wet weather right now, because it makes me feel a little less guilty about not being active outdoors everyday.  I've been using a bit of my beached whale time to enter contests and giveaways, and ... I won something!  I entered BabyVibe's big 5th Birthday Contest Carnival and won a $100 gift certificate to Fill Your Own, an online store that carries eco-friendly containers and water bottles.  Once you start looking for giveaways and contests, they seem to be everywhere!   I'll try to post a list at some point of blogs and facebook pages that have some of these great giveaways.  A taste of winning could be dangerous for me.  I've got a bit of an obsessive streak in my personality, so I don't want to spend all of my time entering giveaways now, even if it is free.  I would definitely not be a good candidate for a trip to Vegas.

I'm feeling rather curious, and of course sometimes anxious, about how this labour will go this time.  Specifically, how I will know when it's really happening.  I feel silly anytime I say that out loud or even think about it, because people say "Oh, you'll know!" in a rather ominous tone.  My labour was started so artificially with my son, I'm just curious about how soon I will know when (hopefully) it starts on its own this time.  Of course I'll know when it's really active labour, but what about false labour, or just knowing when to pack up and head to the hospital?

Since our federal election is scheduled for May 2nd, and my due date is May 6th, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to vote in advance this time.  That means I have just a couple of days to make up my mind about whom to vote for.  I know that the Conservatives will win by a landslide in my riding as they always do, but I still think it's important to exercise my right to vote.  Even if the party I vote for never wins.  There haven't been any all-candidates meetings open to the public in my riding at which all of the candidates are present, which is kind of ridiculous.

O.'s allergy testing was successful.  He was such a trooper; he actually laughed when the doctor pricked his skin on his back for the testing.  It was an awkward, nervous giggle, but still.  I was pretty proud of my brave little guy.  He didn't react to any of the things we tested him for: dairy, eggs, peanuts, or shellfish.  However, because I've never given him peanuts or shellfish, I still can't be certain that he's not going to be allergic to those things.  Since he's never been exposed to those things, his body hasn't had the opportunity to develop an allergy to it.  Children sometimes develop allergies before they are directly exposed to the allergen if the mother had those foods while pregnant or breastfeeding, but that is apparently pretty rare.  The doctor also confirmed that they now know it's better to introduce all foods to babies earlier on instead of holding off on introducing the typically allergenic foods until they are are two or three.  So baby #2 will have a taste of those things a lot earlier than O.  He's been enjoying his return to the world of dairy, especially cheese and yogurt.  I'm so glad that he's not allergic to dairy, but it does feel really strange to be giving him those foods when I've been so careful to keep them away from him for so long.  I feel a little bit conflicted too, because I happened upon a lot of literature in my reading about dairy allergies and in vegan cookbooks that suggest that dairy isn't healthy for people to consume anyways.  I think that he'll probably consume less dairy than the average kid just because I don't use it in family meals because of my own allergy (and I'm way too lazy to make two meals every night!) and I'll keep giving him his calcium and vitamin D supplements to make up for it.

I made a major oversight in my last post about allergies: chocolate!  How could I forget about that dreamy, dark delight?!  I'd like to think that I forgot to write about chocolate because I've been avoiding it during this pregnancy but...I haven't.  Confession time.  Some people still drink coffee while they are pregnant, so a piece of chocolate now and then can't be that bad, can it?  Anyways, there are some great dairy-free chocolate options available nowadays.  Here are some of my personal favourites:

For your everyday chocolate chip needs, President's Choice Decadent chocolate chips are dairy-free.  Use them in this recipe for a dairy-free chocolate chip cookie experience to remember.

Dark chocolate is generally more likely to be dairy-free than milk chocolate, but that's kind of obvious, now that I've written it.  My favourite dairy-free chocolate bar has to be Cocoa Camino's mint chocolate bar.  It's not cheap, but it is really, really good.  It's also fair-trade and organic, so that should erase any guilt you might feel about spending more than you would on the average chocolate bar.  Cocoa Camino also has a couple of hot chocolate mixes that are dairy-free.  I've tried and loved the Drinking Chocolate flavour, and I'm planning on trying the Chili and Spice flavour once my perpetual heartburn eases up.

My next quest is to find some dairy-free white chocolate.  Mmmm....

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  1. People say "oh you'll know" but i've had friends that have had their labour start and then end a few hours later for days at a time. With mine, it started on a Friday night every 30 minutes and the intervals kept on getting shorter. By 2 or 3pm the next day, I realized it was probably the real deal. By 5pm, we called the midwife, she checked me and I was 5-6 cm and then I was like, okay, this is it, we're having a baby. I think it's a good idea to keep in mind it could be false labour, that way you're not crushed if it is false labour. Doing that mental trick also made me relax b/c I wasn't so freaked out that I was about to have a baby....b/c with my personality, I would be freaked. Can't wait to hear about your baby!

    I second you on the chocolate. LOVE IT. Especially the dark organic bars. Yum.


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