Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crayons, Crochet, and Broadening my Naming Horizons

Chicken Pot Pie is in the oven, sonny boy is out with hubby to pick up some tires, and I have a few moments of quiet in my day!  [The quiet moments were over soon, as I'm now finishing up this post a day later] The bun in my oven is active as ever, especially as I looked through more baby name books today.  We have a few more ideas bouncing between us, but nothing has been decided yet in the event that we have a girl.  The chances of us having a girl are actually higher than for a typical couple, because of the effects of my husband's chemotherapy.  Strange, but true - seventy-five percent of men who have had this type of chemotherapy beget only girl babies.  However, we've got some pretty dominant male-producing genes on his side of the family that seem to be evening out the odds.
I'm trying to be more open-minded about names.  I even forgot to mention another one of my peculiar picky requirements with regards to names in the last baby-name post.  There are several girl names that I really like, but they have less likeable nicknames associated with them.  And the truth just is that you can't control what nicknames your child will be given.  I desperately wanted a nickname as a child, so maybe I should just be glad if the possibility of a nickname exists at all for my hypothetical daughter.  I tried a few times to create nicknames for myself, but they never stuck.  I remember my fourth-grade teacher looking through a pile of papers that we had handed in and asking "Who is "Rea"?  I was hoping in would be a natural transition to my new nickname to just start using a nickname, but, alas, that was not to be.  There was also the time that I tried to go by "Hershey" after dressing up as a Hershey's kiss in grade five.  Thank goodness that one didn't stick!  But I digress.  I was looking at my wedding photos on the wall and remembering how I chose my wedding dress.  I had tried on several dresses that I thought I would like, but none of them was the dress.  My younger sister convinced me to try on a dress that I probably never would have otherwise.  It was poofy, super bright white, and the bodice was covered in crystal sparkles.  I loved it as soon as I put it on, to my great surprise.  The strangest thing was when my husband (fiance at the time) was trying to guess what my dress looked like, he said that he didn't really need any hints because he knew that I would pick out a poofy, sparkly dress.  Sometimes he knows me better than I know myself, I suppose.  I'm going to try to keep my dress experience in mind and put away my list of name requirements and see what happens.  Maybe try on a few names for a couple of days to see if I surprise myself.

I'm not the only one who is getting excited about the new baby.  Today my son rubbed my belly and then looked up at me and said "Please, can I have her now?"  He's been saying the funniest things lately.  A few days ago, he studied my face and said:
"Mommy, [Can] I touch your eyebrows?"
Me: "Sure"
O.: "Mommy, what they smell like?"
Me: "I don't know.  Why don't you smell them and see?"
O. sniffs my eyebrows and smiles: "Mommy!  Maybe they smell like ... strawberries!"

I probably used up my weekly quotient of appropriate use of television to entertain one's toddler today, thanks to heartburn, lack of sleep, and the achy hips and back of the third trimester [Today wasn't much better in that department, thanks to sonny boy waking up with another cold].  I've been trying to do more fun things with him lately, so that I don't feel so darn guilty on days like today.  My wonderful husband put up a shelf above my craft table to help me get organized, and I've started bringing O. downstairs to do crafts at the table with me.  I've been perusing other blogs and websites to get some ideas for toddler crafts, but it's hard to find crafts that are aimed at little boys, or at least more gender neutral.  We tried out a "make your own multi-coloured crayons" craft a few weeks ago, which led to many happy hours of colouring together.  I bought some big bags of crayons from the thrift store, and some silicone mini-muffin trays for moulds.  I actually bought some really fun-shaped ice-cube trays from the thrift store too with the intention of using them as moulds; luckily I realized that they were plastic and not silicone before putting them in the oven.   Yikes, that could have created quite a stinky mess in the oven.  The mini-muffin tray worked fine, although the shape was not quite as thrilling.  I haven't really been able to get the tray clean since using it for crayons, so I'm glad I just used a cheap one from the thrift store, and I'll just keep it for that purpose in the future.  You can find a tutorial here, on this crafty lady's blog.  She has lots of great ideas on creating toddler art with their handprints, fingerprints, and footprints.

Broken crayons awaiting their transformation.
Getting ready for baking.
Watching and waiting...
We've also been using up a stack of paper plates that I've had in the closet for probably seven years and in three different homes to make animal masks.
My parents cleaned out their old supply of dot matrix printer paper, which makes excellent coloring paper, and fun little "ladders" for little toy people.  

I've also been contributing to this year's case of wintertime crochet-induced tendonitis lately.  I was asked to make three sets of owls for a ministry my church hosts for single moms.  The owls are companions to the book "Owl Babies" which deals with separation anxiety.  I enjoyed making them and having a good excuse to make more crocheted creatures.

My little guy became quite attached to the owls, so I made a brown momma and baby owl for him to keep too.

Another new addition to the collection,  Gerald the Giraffe.
I'm tinkering around with making my own patterns too.  This lion is one of my first attempts, although I realized I should have actually written down the pattern as I created it, because I can't even remember what I had for dinner yesterday, let alone a whole pattern.  

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  1. The last line of your post was brilliant!! I love it!! It makes me feel so much better when I'm trying to remember the name of my own child after getting zero sleep. ;)


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