Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two steps forward, reverse. Repeat.

I think I'm starting to feel a bit better.  Somehow, whenever I have this thought, the nausea sneaks up with a vengeance, as if I've offended it.  I've been feeling well enough to at least sit up most of the time on the couch, and start to tend to my shamefully messy house.  The kid videos are not playing non-stop anymore, and I've picked up my crochet hook again.  I've even returned to my cloth diaper stash in the last couple of days.  As much as I dislike using disposables, I have to admit that I've been using them pretty much exclusively in the past few months.  NVP (Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, because I refuse to call it by its misnomer, "morning" sickness) has overridden my ideals in many areas of life recently!  Disposable diapers, convenience foods, Diego & Veggie Tales overload, and my meal planning and budget-wise shopping have been replaced by shopping sprees for whatever looks remotely appealing to me.  Sometimes, you just have to get through the day.  Or the hour.  Thank goodness for a wonderful husband and extended family who have been filling in the gaps, and for other family who have helped us get through the last few months.
This period of time where I've been resorting to anything that reduces my work load reminded me of something that we gave up almost a year ago: our microwave.  Last year, while visiting a family member at Christmas, I asked to use their microwave to warm up some food for sonny boy.  I was so shocked to find out that they didn't have a microwave, and that I had to heat up the food in a pot on the stove.  It was so hard for me to even imagine not having a microwave oven.  And yet, they were managing just fine without one.  Their family has been affected by cancer too, and was part of the reason why they decided to get rid of the microwave.  I also learned about how microwave radiation decreases the nutrition of the food.  When I thought about it, it made sense.  I was making so much effort to avoid radiation from cell phones, and effects from other electronic devices.  When we were looking for a house to buy, we immediately ruled out any house that was anywhere close to major power lines.  And, yet, here I was radiating my food.  Food that we ate every day.  Baby food.  Ughhh.  We had always been "careful" about using the microwave.  We didn't put plastic containers in the microwave, even when they said "microwave-safe," and we tried to use the microwave only when necessary.  But I thought that it was necessary at times.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to give up using the microwave if it was sitting in the kitchen.  So I moved it to the dining room on a trial separation period.  After about a week, the microwave was relegated to the shed outside, where it has been sitting ever since.  Surprisingly, I rarely ever miss having it.  It hardly took any time to get used to the idea of warming food in the toaster oven or  on the stovetop.  I was surprised too, that the quality of the food is actually better when you don't nuke it.   The food heats more evenly, and doesn't overcook so easily.  The only time I've missed the microwave is when I've wanted to heat up a magic bag for a sore back or to warm up my always-cold feet.  Although, I'm sure resting a bag of dried peas & beans that have been nuked hundreds of times on my body is probably not the greatest thing either.
Two posts in one day - I must be feeling better!  

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