Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wondering and Photographs

I wonder what role photographs play in preserving memories.  When I look at the profile pages of some of my younger friends, some of them have hundreds of photos of themselves on their profile pages, whether posted themselves or tagged by friends.  My son, who is not even two years old yet, probably has hundreds, if not a thousand photographs captured of him already, thanks to his adoring parents and grandparents.  Every once in a while, something or somebody will remind me of a time in my life long forgotten.  Friends I used to spend time with, events I took part in, or places I used to visit.  I sometimes wonder how many more things I have forgotten and will never remember.  Is it different for the younger generation, who seemingly have almost every moment of their life documented by digital photos?  Or do we have a finite ability to remember a relatively small number of important times in our lives?  Will the younger generations look at their collection of photos later in life and remember all of the captured moments?  Or will the photos only evoke a frustrating vague sense of nostalgia, like a word that is stuck on the tip of your tongue?  I wonder how people in generations before photography remembered the significant times and people in their lives.  I wonder how they would remember the faces of loved ones who had crossed the ocean, or crossed the bar.  Perhaps the collective memory of people in their lives played a more important role at that time?

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  1. Well done Andrea, I would not have known about tis blog except for a cryptic reference on Facebook. You have an engaging and erudite style of writing that encircles what appears as a simple topic making it robust for personal reflection.


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